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  • Pacific Beach Holiday Parade Dec.10, 2022

  • Installation & Award Luncheon, Saturday JANUARY 21st, 2023

Video by Billy Lakeside Ortiz

Rules for Touring by Dick Eberle

Cape Henry bRegion MARC

Now, these are some rules for touring; When touring in line with the others,

common sense most people would say, Are you careful to keep up your speed?

But they would be wise to observe them, Do you signal upcoming turns clearly,

when venturing out in their old Model A. for the driver behind you to heed?

Is the air in the tires sufficient? And while we speak of that fellow behind you

Have the lug nuts been torqued down real tight? Do you keep him clearly in sight?

Did you measure the crankcase oil level? If he disappears from your review mirror,

Did you check that tiny stoplight? Slow down to determine his plight.

Is the radiator topped off with water? We’re all in this tour together

Do you carry a gallon for spare? Our goal is to have some fun

Are your brakes tight and safely adjusted? Be patient with those who have problems,

Or do they need some additional care? You just might be the next one.

Have you had the flivver out lately? If everything’s not to your liking

Does it seem to be running OK? Accept it and button your lip,

A problem caught prior to leaving If you think you can do the job better,

Can prevent a disastrous day. by all means plan the next trip.

Do you carry a cell phone with you? Now these are some rules for touring;

Power on; charged up and all? common sense most people would say.

cause it ain’t worth much tucked in your pocket But they would be wise to observe them,

with no way to give you a call. when venturing out in their old Model A

Tour Tool List

The following is a suggested list of spare parts that each car should carry.


Service Manual Can Lubricating oil

Jack 1 Gal container water -min.

Wheel Chock Box of Assort. screws, bolts & nuts

Flashlight Gasket material / cement

Tire Pump and Gauge Electrical Tape

Feeler gauge and point file 10 ft. min. Electrical wire

Hand Crank / Lug Wench Assorted Cotter Keys

Knife 10 ft. bailing wire

Fire Extinguisher or baking soda


Points Water pump packing

Condenser Grease gun-water pump grease

Rotor Radiator hose set

Spark Plugs Generator cut out

Fan belt-gates V700 Radiator hose clamps

Light Bulbs- headlight, taillight, etc. Tube Repair kit or spare tube

Spare fuses- if you have installed a fuse block