Hard Luck Trophy

The Hard Luck Trophy is awarded to the unfortunate individual who has car problems during a club event. Whether the repairs are made during an impromptu road side repair seminar, or worse, after being towed home for repairs, the outcome is the same. You will be the lucky recipient and guardian of the hard luck trophy until its is awarded to another club member. This is all in good fun and the recipient is asked to add some small, and hopefully lightweight, item to the trophy that represents the nature of your breakdown.

Just fair warning to those seeking to evade this prestigious recognition - Valarie will find you!

Current Guardians of the Hard Luck Trophy

Larry & Caroline Kaiser: Flat Tire

Vista Steam Engine Show & Parade, October 2022

The Kaiser's came to the Vista Steam Engine tour and had a great time. They needed some help from a vintage tractor compressor to get back home.

Complete List of Trophy Guardians (2004 to Present)