Just because we have to keep physical distancing in mind during the pandemic doesn't mean that the Model A's have to stay in the garage. Join us on a fun & safe drive throughout San Diego County as we explore new neighborhoods, see the city, and bring smiles to everyone's face.

Be sure to check the Quail Call newsletter for details.

Upcoming Tours

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Tour Tool List

The following is a suggested list of spare parts that each car should carry.


Service Manual Can Lubricating oil

Jack 1 Gal container water -min.

Wheel Chock Box of Assort. screws, bolts & nuts

Flashlight Gasket material / cement

Tire Pump and Gauge Electrical Tape

Feeler gauge and point file 10 ft. min. Electrical wire

Hand Crank / Lug Wench Assorted Cotter Keys

Knife 10 ft. bailing wire

Fire Extinguisher or baking soda


Points Water pump packing

Condenser Grease gun-water pump grease

Rotor Radiator hose set

Spark Plugs Generator cut out

Fan belt-gates V700 Radiator hose clamps

Light Bulbs- headlight, taillight, etc. Tube Repair kit or spare tube

Spare fuses- if you have installed a fuse block